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The Active School Flag

  • The Active School Flag is a non-competitive initiative which highlights the importance of P.E., physical activity and sport in schools and communities in which they are based.

  • This initiative aims to empower schools at both primary and post primary levels to commit to a process of internal self-evaluation as part of a whole school process aimed at improving provision of physical activity in their school.

  • It encourages a partnership approach and allows for schools to become more proactive in approaching groups like the HSE., Local Sports Partnership and Education Centres in assisting them in the promotion of physical activity in their schools.

Ray Houghton visits our school

Having Fun during Active Week

Sports Day May 24th 2011

Small ball


Enjoying break

The blue flag committee hard at work

Our goals of the Active School Flag are:

  • The importance of enjoyment and play.
  • Maximum participation by all children
  • A balance between competitive and non-competitive activities
  • A balance between contact and non-contact activities
  • Opportunities for achievement for each child
  • Activities equally suitable for boys and girls
  • Inclusion sports for Disabled (including a reverse integration sports day)
  • Playground Activities

  • We aim to instigate change and to make sport non-threatening, simple and attainable.

  • When children are exposed to physical activity daily, both at school and at home, they will learn the importance of this healthy behaviour and even begin to enjoy it. The goal of year-round physical activity in schools is to introduce and instill this daily habit in children.

  • We are being accredited on Wednesday 28th of September for our Active School Flag.


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