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1st Green Flag

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The member of the Ballymacarbry N.S Green School committee in order of class from 3rd up are:

Orlaith Nugent
Ailis Ryan
Seamus O'Gorman
Darren O'Keefe
Chloe Wall

Ava Kearney
Cliona Murphy
Shauna Guiry
Dylan Hualahan

Clodagh Kelly
Muireann Boyce
Dylan Phelan
Rachel Conroy
Jade Condon O'Grady

Sarah O`Gorman
Niamh Ryan
Dylan Guiry
Tholom Guiry

Our responsibilities as committee member are:

  • To go around the school grounds after lunch breaks to pick up litter
  • Attending committee meetings regularly.
  • Taking on assignments.
  • Putting a great effort into our work.
  • Taking on after school jobs.

Being on the committee means:

  • Caring for the environment.
  • Recycling
  • Being careful of what materials you use.
  • Not damaging your environment.

All our efforts will hopefully be beneficial to our school and its appearance. We do all of this work to gain flags. These flags show that our school, for example, is energy efficient. The flags come in colour. The green flag showed that our school was producing small amounts of litter. This year we are working towards an energy flag.

Thank You.
Orlaith Nugent, Committee member

As part of the Green Flag Committee, pupils from 3rd - 6th class collected papers and any rubbish in the school yard at 11.15am and again at 1.00pm. We sorted the items into recycling, compost or grey bin material. More children now use plastic lunch boxes and do not wrap their lunches in tin foil. Pupils also use flasks and reusable drinking containers.

We also used recycled materials to makle robots and flowers and 3rd class made bird feeders. First class grew vegetables in our school and this year 3rd and 4th class are doing the Incredible-Edibles programme and we have built an extra growing frame.

We really enjoyed being part of the Green Flag Committee and we are working hard towards the renewal of our First Green Flag for reducing Litter and Waste. We thank the Pupils, Parents and Teachers fopr all their support, that enabled us to get our Green Flag.

Abby Wall

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